Art, Craft and Design

A Level Art, Craft & Design
Exam board: Eduqas

Why study this subject?

A Level Art, Craft and Design provides the opportunity to develop skills in painting, drawing, textiles and mixed media. The course explores contemporary and historical art styles which forms the basis for critical studies alongside the students own practical work. Sketchbooks are used to show the development of ideas and build to a portfolio of artwork.

How is the course assessed?

Year 12:

This will begin in the form of teacher led workshops to enable students to develop skills in Ceramics, Painting, Drawing, Print Design, Photography and Photo Manipulation.

Component 1: The Personal Investigation (60% of qualification)

After Christmas students will decide on a specialist area to pursue. A major in-depth critical, practical and theoretical investigative project will be completed based upon themes and subject matter that have personal significance .

Students will write an extended written element of 1000 words minimum that documents their progress during the investigation and demonstrates their understanding of the theme and specialist area.

Year 13:

The Personal Investigation component will be completed during the Autumn Term.

Component 2: Externally Set Assignment (40% of Qualification)

Students will select a starting point or theme from an exam paper and create an in-depth   response to it. This will happen during an agreed preparatory period. During a 15 hour exam students will create their final piece(s).


Where can this subject lead?

  • Creative related work and apprenticeships
  • Art and Design Foundation courses.
  • Directly to Art degree courses
  • A wide range of creative degrees