Drama & Theatre Studies

A Level Drama & Theatre Studies
Exam board: Eduqas

Why study this subject?

During the course students will explore the following aspects of theatre, theatre practitioners, plays and contrasting styles and genres. This is a vibrant, energetic, enjoyable and  challenging course. The course is complimented by a programme of live theatre— London’s West End, Stratford and Curve. Students can expect to analyse and research a wide range of plays.
The course involves working collaboratively and creatively in practical work and performances.

 How is the course assessed?

 The course is assessed through 60% practical coursework and 40% external written exam.

Component One : Theatre Workshop— Students will create a re-interpretation of a well known play based on the work of a key practioner. This will include:

  • A performance
  • A creative log 1200-1500 words.

Component Two : Text in Action—Students will create two performances and will be assessed by an external examiner. This will include:

  • A devised piece based on a theatre practitioner or company
  • A scripted performance
  • A process and evaluation report.

Component Three: Text in Performance—Students will cover three texts within the written paper. This will include:

Section A- A series of questions on a text

Section B- An essay question on the second complete text.

Section C– A question on a specific extract from ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time’, analysing and evaluating how the text can be performed in the theatre.

Where can this subject lead?

 Most students go onto follow a course at Drama School or take a degree in Drama. Some students combine drama with other subjects such as English or Media to lead to a combined honours degree. This A Level can also provide transferable skills such as communication, presentation, research, analysis and evaluation. This course can provide the skills, knowledge and understanding to follow careers within the entertainment industry,  stage management, Arts Administration and Theatre Manager, professional freelance  performer or Set/Costume designer.