Health and Social Care

Cambridge Technical Level 3 Health & Social Care
Exam board: OCR

Why study this subject?

Health and Social Care is the study of people and factors that influence health and  development. Students will develop an understanding of development, how care values are used and the impact disease and illness can have on people. This subject is for those students who are interested in people and how as a society we support individual’s rights in every stage of their lives.

How is this course assessed?

Unit 1— Human Lifespan development 1hr 30mins (25% of course)

Human growth and development through the life stages covering the development of humans from birth to death including physical, intellectual, emotional and social aspects. Factors that affect human growth and development covering the external factors that can impact on our lives. Effects of ageing.

Unit 2— Working in Health and Social Care 1hr 30mins (34% of course)

The roles and responsibilities of people who work in the health and social care sector covering job roles, and responsibilities, multidisciplinary working and monitoring. The role of organisations covering issues that affect access, representation of service users, regulation and inspecting, responsibilities to staff. Working with people with specific needs including understanding how to support people with specific needs e.g physical and mental ill health.

Unit 5— Meeting individual care and support needs, coursework ( 25% of course)

Principles, values and skills that underpin care such as the care value base, personal skills and empathy. Ethical issues and the role of professionals including legislation. Principles of enabling care such as care plans, communication, personalisation.

Unit 11—Psychological perspectives, coursework (16% of the course)

How psychological perspectives contribute to understanding of human behaviourmanagements and treatment of specific behaviour and how these perspectives are applied in health and social care.

Where can this course lead?

Students completing Health and Social Care often go on to university to study nursing, childcare studies or other Social Science degrees. This is a useful qualification for those interested in a career in the health and social care sector, including midwifery, nursing,  health visitor and social worker.