A Level History
Exam Board: AQA

Why study this subject?

A Level History encourages students to question and interpret different accounts of historical events and justify their own point of view. This subject also helps to develop the ability to read critically, evaluate evidence, write persuasively and sustain an argument. This subject is for those who enjoy reading, problem solving and discussion.

How is this course assessed?

Paper 1Breadth Study


Tsarist and Communist       Russia

2 hours 30 min exam                 40% · Trying to preserve autocracy 1855-1894· The collapse of Autocracy 1894-1917

· The emergence of the Communist dictatorship

· The Stalinist dictatorship & reaction

Paper 2Depth Study

Religious                 Conflict and the Church in               England 1529-1570

2 hours 30 min exam             40% · The Church in c1529· The break from Rome c1529-1537

· Change & reaction, 1536-1547

· A more Protestant Nation

· The restoration of Papal Authority

· The establishment of the Church of England

Paper 3Historical                                   Investigation (Coursework)

The Fight for Irish                         Independence                         1823 -1921

3,000-3,500 word essayA personal study on a question                     selected by the students

20 %


· Daniel O’Connell & The Catholic Association’s fight for     emancipation· The Potato Famine

· The Land League

· Constitutional Nationalism

· Revolutionary Nationalism

· The Ulster Volunteer Force

· Easter Rising

· Irish Republican Army

· Partition of Ireland


Where can this subject lead?

Studying history can give students skills which are highly prized in higher education and by employers. History students often go on to study law, history and many other degrees. History is regarded as a facilitating subject by the Russell Group Universities.


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