Media Studies

A Level Media Studies
Exam board: AQA

Why study this subject?

In this course students will view, evaluate and analyse a variety of media products, and  develop practical skills spanning a range of media forms, including print, broadcast and digital media. This is an exciting, well established contemporary and academic subject and encourages students to think critically about the media and produce media products themselves. Students will explore the context within which the media operates and the historical, political, economic and social factors that shapes the world. This subject would suit students who have good IT skills, show evidence of creativity and are interested in understanding the way the media adds meaning to our lives.

How is this course assessed?

Paper 1: Written paper (35% of A Level)

  • Questions will focus on issues and debates in the media. A topic will be released in advance of the exam.
  • Short answer questions relating to the theme.
  • Four longer answer questions assessing in depth knowledge of the four areas of the theoretical framework—Form, Audience, Representation and Institution .

Paper 2: Written paper (35% of A Level)

  • Questions will focus on the analysis of media products, through the lens of the theoretical framework and refer to Close Study Products provided by the exam board.
  • Short answers in relation to particular media products.
  • Two longer answer questions assessing depth of knowledge of products.

Coursework: Non-exam assessment: Creating a Media Product (30% of A Level)

  • This part of the course is a practical media production relating to a format of the student’s choice.
  • You will produce a statement of intent and cross-media products.


Where can this subject lead?

This course will prepare students for a wide range of media related careers and encourage the development of many transferable and practical skills. Many students will go on to higher education, and an increasing number are looking at higher level apprenticeships.