A Level Sociology
Exam Board: AQA

Why study this subject?

Sociology is the study of society, people and behaviour. By studying Sociology students will develop theories and explanations regarding social life and human behaviour, and what motivates individuals and groups to act the way they do. When human actions can be explained, it becomes possible to offer solutions to social problems, anti-social behaviour and begin to help to improve the lives of individuals.

Paper 1 Education with Theory and Methods – 33.3% –  2 hour paper
Education: This module will look at patterns in educational achievement between social groups such as gender, ethnic groups and different social classes. This will also assess the effectiveness of educational policy both past and present.
Methods in Context: Students will explore a range of ways to study human behaviour in   society and how effective these methods are.
Paper 2: Topics in Sociology – 33.3% –  2 hour paper
Family: This topic will explore a range of subtopics including whether childhood still exists today, why family diversity has increased in Britain and whether the domestic division of labour is equal in relationships today.
Beliefs in Society: Is religion declining in Britain or just changing? Why do people join sects and cults? Why have strong beliefs survived in some countries but it others?

Paper 3: Crime, Theory and Methods – 33.3% – 2 hour paper
Crime: This section explores patterns in offending and victimisation between social groups. Students will also explore why a breach of human rights and state crimes are not always viewed as a crime.
Theory and Methods: This section of the exam will explore a range of sociological perspectives and their viewpoints to why we behave the way we do.

How is this course assessed?  

There are three written exam papers, with short-answer questions and extended essayquestions. This course is assessed entirely through written exam papers.

Where can this subject lead?

Many students taking sociology go on to a social science based degree at university. This is a respected A Level and has value with both higher education institutions, apprenticeships and employers. Sociology is a useful A Level if you are interested in a career as a lawyer, social worker, probation officer, criminologist, nursing, teaching and journalism.